Promo card

A promo card is used to promote products and features.

Promo card
When to use
  • Used for highlighting products and features, as well as giving high level information on them.
  • Don’t use as a navigation option when choosing between items in a flow.
  • Don’t use as replacement for a list of content.

Promo card for stocks
Promo card in carousel
Promo card selected
Promo card in a flow
Best practices

Content and actions should be related to a specific topic. 

Content such as text and images on the cards should be used to communicate their hierarchy effectively.

Ensure content is scannable and non-obtrusive.

Promo card
Promo card with text under image
  • Cards can be showcased collectively horizontally on a grid on desktop, vertically stacked on mobile or in a carousel.
  • Don’t place in a carousel if the cards have different height values.

Cards aligned next to one another
Promo cards misaligned in height

The whole card can be clickable, as well as links and buttons.

Promo card states
Promo card button

The card component scales in height with dynamic text.

Promo card enlarged text no image
Promo card with image over text



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