Date input

A date input lets people enter a date within a form.

Date input
When to use

Use a date input:

  • when asking users for a date they already know, or can easily find, like their date of birth

Don't use a date input:

  • when you need just the month and the year (use the compact date input instead)
  • when asking users for multiple dates, such as a range, or a start and finish date (use date lookup instead)

Best practice
  • Change the order of the sub-fields to reflect your users' location (for example, some put the day first, some the month).
  • Include a description if you have evidence that users need more context.



Label copy should:

  • be no more than 3 words

  • be a noun that describes the information the user needs to enter (and not a verb)

Description (optional)

Description copy should:

  • be a single sentence

  • give some extra context to help the user enter the right information




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