Error screen

Use an error screen to tell the user that an error has occurred during a flow.

An unplugged illustration.
Design and content

Error screen illustrations

There are 6 different illustrations that you can use on an error screen. Each one has a specific use case.

Illustration usage or a construction fence
Construction fence

Use construction fence when a user isn’t allowed access to a specific feature.

Illustration usage exclamation mark
Exclamation mark

Use the exclamation mark for general warnings and for when the user needs to check something.

Illustration usage of a sand timer
Sand timer

Use the sand timer when Wise has a new feature but the user can’t access it yet. The sand timer can also be used if a transfer is pending.

Illustration usage or an electric plug
Electric plug

Use the electric plug when a user has no network connection.

Illustration usage of a tool

Use the tool when Wise is experiencing technical issues.

Illustration usage of a magnifying glass
Magnifying glass

Use the red magnifying glass if a page isn’t available or doesn't exist.


Title copy should:

  • be just a few words

  • clearly explain the error — the user shouldn’t need to read the description to understand the issue

  • not have any punctuation at the end

An error screen.
An error screen.


Description copy should:

  • explain the issue in more detail, and tell the user what to do next, if possible

  • reassure them their money is safe, if relevant

  • be short and sweet — one or two lines is perfect

  • have a full stop at the end

An error screen.
An error screen.

Primary button

Primary button copy should:

  • be one or two words

  • either dismiss the screen, or take the user to a logical next step

  • have no full stop

An error screen.
An error screen.