Tone of voice

We’re on a mission. And it’s money without borders. Instant, convenient, transparent and — eventually — free.

We want to tell the whole world about it. All the people. In all the places. Which is why we’ve got to find the right words for everyone, everywhere, every single time. On the side of a bus, in the depths of the internet, or staring you in the face on the subway.

Words for here, there and everywhere. It’s our voice that joins the dots. It makes us consistently and unmistakably Wise. Language isn’t unique, but the way we use it is.

Here we’ll explain how to be Wise with your words. How to confidently and clearly speak in our voice. When to dial it up, and when to tone it down. So that no matter the writer, our customers only hear Wise.

Shinkansen speeds, small yen fees

The foundations that guide our voice. The why behind our words. The rails that keep us on track, and always looking forwards.

A 3D illustration of a paper plane.

Forget the road less travelled. We forged our own. Going where others won’t is in our DNA. As is using our voice. Being outspoken when it’s right, not just when it’s convenient. But we’re not different to be disruptive. We’re disruptive because we believe in a different way of doing things.

A 3D illustration of a loudspeaker.
Universally authentic

Authenticity means staying true to our mission. And showing up as ourselves. Wherever we are, whoever we’re speaking to and whatever we’re saying. We do it openly and honestly. It’s how we create trust — and genuine impact.

A 3D illustration of a heart.
Delightfully simple

We exist to simplify people’s international lives. To put the power, pounds and pesos back into their hands. Moving money at lightning speed is complex. But it’s our job to make it sound, feel and be simple. Even magical. So it’s more second nature, less second guessing.

How to speak Wise

Celebrate the mission

Highlight speed, ease and transparency whenever you can. And don’t be shy when talking about MONEY. Kuna to krona. Yes to yen. Win with won. But no west-centred supremacy on GBP, USD and euros please.

Be concise

We aim for 100% clarity, as briefly as possible. Our words must inspire confidence, not cause confusion. So write headlines as if it’s illegal to write subcopy. Universal simplicity, max transparency.

Make it modern

We’re inclusive. For everyone, everywhere. And our language should be too. So pick the right pronouns. Use everyday words — the ones used by everyday people. It’s ok to bend grammar rules (but don’t break them). And be careful with slang. LOL works on Insta, but not for investing.

Give it energy

Wise is going places. Just like our customers’ money. Our voice is pacey, playful, and full of infectious enthusiasm to match. Paint pictures with words to show movement. F1 speeds, car sharing fees. Cairo to Cali. 
Here, there, everywhere.

Add colour

We add delight right when it’s needed, not only when it’s expected. It could be a little alliteration, a well-chosen cultural reference, or 1 perfect word instead of 5. Cha-ching. Each makes the experience richer. In as few words as possible, naturally.

Quids In
Right place, right tone

Wise is well travelled. Used across the globe, by millions of people, for work and WAHEY.

And whatever our customers are doing with their money, our words are right there with them. Touching down in a new city. Taking their business to the next level. Feeling flush. Or feeling the pinch.

There’s only one Wise voice. But the tone flexes depending on the situation. Let’s look at a few.

Standing out

This is the fun part. Where we can dial up the energy for max engagement. A clear, crisp message is the name of the game. Think billboards, social ads and anywhere we need to make our mark in seconds. 
We’re heeeeeeere!


  • Short and sweet
  • Full of energy
  • Lots of colour

Use money like a local anywhere in the world
Go global, spend local
Transfer money between currencies in seconds
Real to riyal, real fast
Do business around the world
Get money make money

Converting customers

Headlines hook people’s attention, but we need more to reel them in. So it’s time to dial up speed, ease and transparency. Perfect for landing pages, the App Store, and anywhere we want people to hop aboard.


  • Direct and concise
  • Real language, no stiff sales jargon
  • Lead with the customer benefit and what people gain

The Wise debit card means you can spend abroad at the real exchange rate. No markups, no sneaky transaction fees.
Spend at the real exchange rate wherever you are in the world.
Transfer payments at a lower rate than older institutional banks.
Send money simply, with high speeds and lows fees.
Get a Wise Business account to reach more customers and expand your business around the world.
Reach a global customer base, with global cashflow for global growth.

Adding delight

We believe people need more than low prices to sign up and stick around. So treat the seemingly insignificant moments like they’re anything but.


  • Play with the unexpected
  • Add a touch of humour when it suits
  • Write like a 21st century human

Keep your money safe from fraudsters
Disappoint thieves
We need to verify your identity
Grab your ID
Your money has been sent
All sent

Providing reassurance

Things may go wrong, but we can still get it right. Be clear and concise, without 
being cold.


  • Personable and human, but to the point
  • Reflect the mission pillars
  • No messing with metaphors or humour

A tweet from Wise which reads, "Hey there Andrew! Whoops, that’s not ideal! Try deleting and installing again."
A tweet from Wise which reads "Hi Andrew. Sorry your set up hasn’t gone smoothly. Deleting and reinstalling the app might fix the issue. If not, send us a DM, and we’ll try and fix it a different way."
An inbox notification which reads "Your transfer is taking longer than expected. It will take a few more hours to complete."
An inbox notification which reads "Sorry, your transfer should have been instant. But it’s going to take a bit longer this time. We’ll email you as soon as it’s done."
A critical banner which reads "Uh oh, we’ve had to block your account. Looks like you bought one too many mojitos."
A critical banner which reads "We’ve temporarily blocked your account".
Go global, write local

Maria’s the most common name in the world. You probably know one. And we want to reach them.

Do they live in Santiago? Bern? Bromley? Point is, these millions of Marias all speak different languages.

Money without borders doesn’t mean money for English speakers only.

To make our voice universal we localise Wise. That doesn’t mean simply translating. It’s a license to transcreate — to bring concepts to life in the most relevant and impactful way for different languages.

What does that look like in practice?

Be mindful of wordplay and puns (as fun as they are to write). There’s a difference between a moment of delight and a dud dad joke. If it makes sense in the language you’re writing in, you should be ok.

Be culturally sensitive. Don’t stereotype or make assumptions.

And remember when you translate from English, the text increases 30% on average. Sometimes it doubles. So keep it tight.

Get help

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