Flags allow us to visually communicate countries and currencies.

Our flag system is designed to be scalable, accessible and simple. Built from the same grid as our icons, they neatly balance reduction and recognition

The San Marino and Zambia flags, side by side.

Maximum simplicity

We’ve boiled every flag down to its most recognisable parts. It means they’ll stay as close as possible to the original design, no matter how small we squeeze them. Isn’t that right, Uganda?

The Uganda flag, increasing in size from left to right.


All flags in the set feature a refined palette of just 10 colours, to create visual harmony and consistency.

RGB: 255 / 255 / 255
RGB: 120 / 201 / 255
RGB: 255 / 212 / 0
RGB: 255 / 119 / 0
RGB: 240 / 38 / 60
RGB: 0 / 0 / 0
RGB: 35 / 29 / 154
RGB: 0 / 91 / 19
RGB: 204 / 149 / 0
RGB: 150 / 10 / 60


In another break from tradition, all flags come in circles. It keeps things clean and consistent.

The Argentinian flag.
The Australian flag.
The Austrian flag.
The Bangladesh flag.
The Belgian flag.
The Botswana flag.
The Brazilian flag.
The Bulgarian flag.
The Canadian flag.
The Chile flag.
The UAE flag.
The Chinese flag.
Circle flags in product.
Detailed flags

We've simplified some of our flags more than others. So we have detailed versions of some of our flags, which should be used when scaled above 150 pixels.

European flag
Australian flag
New Zealand flag
Panama flag
United States flag
China flag
The homepage UI of the Wise app.

When the flag is below 150px in size, use the simplified version.

A poster showing Wise flags.

When the flag is above 150px in size, use the detailed version.


Because flags vary in colour, we add borders so they don't bleed into the background when on a white design. Be sure to use Border Neutral around your flags when using them across marketing and product.

Flags with border on white background

Use a border on a flag when used on a white background.

Flag without border on white background

Go borderless when used on a white background.

Wise default flag

Whenever we’re in a position where we can’t use a flag, or we need to deal with multiple countries, we default to our Fast Flag icon.

The Fast Flag icon.
Flag library