Our photography is all about the real, bold snaps that anyone, anywhere would be proud to take.

A woman sat facing the camera holding up a map to cover the bottom half of her face.


We’re about everywhere money. So our photography can come from, well, everywhere. The more colourful, inclusive, and inspired by the world around us, the better.

A woman sits at a table in an outdoor cafe. She laughs, facing away from the camera, with a glass of beer and some dominos on the table in front of her.
Three people sit at a table at a cafe outdoors. In front of them on the table are some dominos, which the man is shuffling, plus some drinks.
A woman laughing while sat at a dining table, kicking her left leg up to show her fringed cowboy boot.


People are proud to use Wise. Show that confidence through strong character, bold expression and boundless energy.

A woman sits smiling at a dinner table, holding out her cup while someone pours her some tea.
A woman sits smiling on a living room floor, facing the camera, holding up a map to obscure the lower half of her face.
A close up shot of a mobile phone held in someone's hands, with a table in the background.


Keep it real. Images should feel natural and human, representative of the real moments we all live through. And the real moments we capture on film.

Three people sat together smiling. The woman in the centres gently pulls the two towards her, with her arms cradling each of their heads.
A photography of a busy city, taken from an overpass, looking across to buildings and a road through the centre.
Two people sat smiling at a dining table  that's full of food. The main holds his chopsticks up in front of him, while the woman leans gently on his shoulder.
A collage of photographs showing people using Wise around the world.
When to use photography

There aren’t strict rules for when to, or not to, use photography across the brand. But this guidance should help if you are unsure.

A man holding a phone showing the Wise app, with a Wise debit card pictured on the table in front of him.
A woman sits on the corner of a chair, holding a Wise debit card over her face.
Two people sat at a desk, facing the camera, with their laptop in front of them, and a wall of paper and notes behind them.

Using money around the world

Shoot people working, living and spending money just like they do every day. We don’t need to show the product — as long as there’s some sense money’s involved, it’ll work.

A man wearing a pink suit, sits leaning against a window and facing the camera. He rests his left arm on the table next to him, and has a tote bag slung over his right shoulder.
Two people sit at a dining table, with a takeaway meal in front of them. The woman laughs as she holds a bit of food with her chopsticks, and lifts it up towards the man's mouth.

Using Wise around the world

When talking specifically about Wise products, show people interacting with mobile devices or Wise cards in active environments. Make use of props or scenery to create a sense of place.

A woman holds a phone while sat at a table. We view the phone from behind her left shoulder, and can see some dominoes on the table beyond.
A woman stands laughing against a shop window. She holds an ice cream in one hand, and her Wise debit card in front of it in her other hand.

Wise in the wild

Shooting devices from first-person POV in front of real-world backdrops creates a sense of Wise enabling travel, work or adventure.

A phone held up against yellow bus.
A Wise debit card help up against a colourful, blurred city background.

Bringing the world to Wise

Create still life compositions to showcase 
products amongst props that tell stories of international lifestyles. Keep things authentic, not staged.

A shot from above, showing someone using the Wise card to pay for a restaurant bill.
Two people sat on a bench, shot from above, one holding a phone with the Wise app open, another holding an ice cream.