Going everywhere
Meet our new design system.

We are going places

Wise started with a simple mission — to tear down a clunky, opaque and expensive system. And today, over 16 million customers have joined us. Whoa.

But now we’re going further. Going to more places. Offering it to more people. Creating the world’s most international account. One account for everyone, everywhere.

That’s big.



So it’s time to look and sound the part.

It’s time to start a new chapter. Today, I’m proud to introduce you to our new brand, designed to reflect where we’re going — everywhere.

Deliberately different

When I first signed up for Wise 10 years ago, we used to stand out. We drove irreversible change in an outdated industry and shone a light on hidden fees. So step one was to regain this challenger spirit. Creating a brand that is deliberately different. We aren’t like the rest. We think and act differently. Now we have a look and voice to match.

Three photos showing Wise when we first started, with lots of people campaigning in public for fair fees and greater transparency.

Our new expression is energetic, straight talking and bold. It’s different. Not to be disruptive, but because we believe in a different way of doing things.

For starters, we’re done with banky blue. We’re all in on our account green, but with a few tweaks.  

A billboard in New York which reads "For people who use money wherever they go"

To back it up, we’ve got a set of punchy secondary colours inspired by the world around us. We've also rediscovered our voice. One that will help us find the right words to speak to everyone, everywhere, every single time. Yes to yen. Win with won.

Put it all together, and we can stand out against the boring banky blanding, and achieve something big and punchy with just a few elements.

Making money clear for everyone

Whoever you are, wherever you go, Wise should look, sound and work the same. Max clarity, zero confusion. Over the years we’d drifted from this. So we set the goal to be as universally accessible as possible. Serving more people, in more places, and more product environments equally well. 

This was a massive visual and technical challenge. We’ve put our colours and product through its paces, making sure it passes excels the latest WCAG and APCA standards. We redrew hundreds of icons as simple, universal symbols that are understood the world over. Trust us, we tested it. And we refreshed every illustration so we can quickly communicate with anyone, anywhere.

And we didn’t stop there. We introduced a new product font called Inter, which spans countless languages (146 actually) and works on all types of screen. We’re now confident we can show up as Wise to everyone. 

A Japanese ad for Wise, showing a photo of someone wearing a tapestry t shirt in a supermarket.
An image of the app in French.

Local on a global scale

Today we work in 170 countries. You can send, spend and receive like a local almost everywhere. For us this meant being local, on a global scale. Responding to the countries and cultures we serve, not just reflecting them.

With our photography, that means we’re all about the real, bold snaps. For our custom display font Wise Sans, we’ve drawn on letterforms and alphabets around the world. A “B” from a sign in Davao City, Philippines. A “G” influenced by Thai script. It’s a font shaped by the world we serve. Full of international character and energy.

Three people hugging, with the Wise card shown in front of them.
Three letters in Wise Sans — E, N and Y.
A collage of inspiration for Wise San from typography all over the world.

Then there’s our tapestries. Probably my favourite part of this work. A fusion of colour, imagery and texture. They’re a celebration of people, place and culture. Made by studying the money and imagery of the places we serve. And when set in motion, they really come alive. You can go on a journey with them, always finding something new — Yorkshire sheep, a Japanese lantern, the Brooklyn Bridge. A true snapshot of everywhere money.

The tapestries are a celebration of people, place and culture. A true snapshot of everywhere money.

Someone wearing a tapestry printed on the back of their t shirt.
Someone paying using the digital Wise card, which is covered in a tapestry.

So that’s a bit about our new brand. A brand to help us go everywhere. A brand to supercharge the next chapter of Wise, and hopefully inspire you to join our mission (pssst we’re hiring). 

A collage of elements from the new brand.

Before I close I want to give a massive shout out to the incredible team at Ragged Edge, who worked side by side with us to shape our future. It is their creative excellence and the nature of our partnership that I believe has made this work so successful. Thank you Ragged Edge, and thanks to everyone at Wise who has worked so tirelessly on this.  

Together we’ve built a new system to disrupt an old one.

One to take us everywhere.