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Wise Design is our design system at Wise. It covers both our brand and product design systems, and helps us create consistent, high-quality experiences for our users — from button to billboard.

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Using Wise Design

Wise Design spans several platforms. This site is one of them — it’s the home of all our brand and product design guidelines, plus other info about designing at Wise.

Then there are our platform-specific libraries:

Each one has reusable tokens, components, and patterns to help you design and build faster and more consistently.


Where the design magic happens. Our Figma libraries include all our tokens, icons, illustrations, components, and screen templates. Plus, plugins to help you work smarter.


On this site we have guidelines on how to use our design system. We’re constantly updating them, but if there’s anything missing, just shout.

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Learn how to use all the foundational elements of our brand, from colour to tone of voice, across product and marketing.

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Usage guidelines for all our components, including when to use them, content guidelines, and platform availability.

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When we repeat something often, it’s a pattern. Here you’ll find guidance on design and content patterns across the product.

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Useful resources for when you’re designing, like downloadable assets, and guidelines for partners.

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Get help

We’re always on hand to help with any design system questions.

Just drop us a message in #design-system on Slack.