Partnership guidelines

Wise works with many different organisations. So we've defined a few principles for how our brand identity should be applied in these scenarios.

The Wise logo next to some text which reads 'Your brand'.
Powered by Wise

We use 'powered by Wise' when powering payments for banks that offer the same regulatory protection as we do, or higher.

Powered by Wise

Powered by Wise badges

A badge is a supplementary element to be used to signal a relationship that a third party has with Wise. Only use the assets provided. These must be used exactly how they are provided in the downloadable assets.

The black and white versions are only to be used if necessary due to colour restriction or background colour.

Powered by Wise badge in Bright Green.
Powered by Wise badge in Forest Green.
Powered by Wise badge in white.
Partner lockups

If you want to get somewhere fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. Our mission takes us around the world, so some strong partnerships are going to come in handy. Here’s how to let the world know who we work with.

Horizontal lock-up

When we display a partner’s logo alongside ours, we set it at the same height as our Fast Flag so it’s nice and consistent. And we use its width to create a good amount of space between the two.

The Wise and HSBC logos side by side.

Vertical lock-up

When we vertically stack a partner’s logo, they always go below us. We set their logo at the same width as ours. And we use the height of our Fast Flag to create the right amount of space between the two.

The Wise logo on top of the HSBC logo.
Lockup placement

When branding Wise together with a partner always maintain high contrast. On posters, splash screens or advertisements, place the partner logo lockup so it sits comfortably within the space with enough room for the lockup to be legible and clear. 

The Wise and HSBC logos one on top of the other against a striped background.

Don't place the lockup on a fussy background — there should always be good contrast and readability of the logos.

The Wise and HSBC logos, with the HSBC logo very small.

Don't have one logo out of proportion with the other — always use the Fast Flag as a reference for sizing.

The Wise and HSBC logos, with the Wise logo in Light Blue.

Don't use secondary colours for lockups.

Download partner assets