Error messages

Error messages let our users know when a problem occurs. They explain what happened, why, and what they should do next.

An error could be down to either the system or the user. But these guidelines apply to both scenarios.

An error message that tells the user that the page can't be displayed.
Best practice
  • Tell the user what happened and what they need to do (if possible).
  • Say sorry if Wise is at fault.
  • Write in full sentences and put a full stop at the end.
  • Include ‘please’ if the message includes instructions.
  • Prioritise being clear and concise, but still human — remember that this could be a stressful situation for the user.
  • Draw on the mission pillars where possible.
  • Don’t place blame on the user.
  • Don’t add in-line links.
  • Don’t promise things you can’t deliver (even if it sounds better).
  • Don’t use jokes, metaphors, or anything that belittles the situation like ‘Oops’ or ‘Uh oh’.

See our tone of voice.


Please enter your first name.

First name required

We don't offer that currency — please select one from the list.

We don't offer that currency. List of currencies.

Sorry, we couldn't process your transfer because the connection timed out.

That didn't work.

Sorry, we can’t display this page at the moment. Please refresh and try again.

Parsing error on request: SensitiveValuewith response code:200 - The data couldn’t be read because it isn’t in the correct format.

It looks like this page no longer exists. Try visiting our homepage instead.

Oops! Something went wrong.

It looks like you’ve already requested that currency. We’re working on it and will let you know when it’s available.

Oops! You don’t need to ask us for the same currency twice.


Some situations call for a tailored error message. But in situations that occur across the product, we can use the same message for consistency.

This library provides some standard error messages for particular situations.

Field validation



maxLength: Please enter fewer than {maxLength} characters.

Please enter fewer than 20 characters.

minLength: Please enter at least {minLength} characters.

Please enter at least 10 characters.

minimum: Please enter a number that’s {minimum} or more.

Please enter a number that’s 3 or more.

maximum: Please enter a number that’s {maximum} or fewer.

Please enter a number that’s 100 or fewer.

required: Please enter {field}.

Please enter your first name.

pattern: Please enter {field} in the correct format.

Please enter your email address in the correct format.